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May 2010 Barker


April 14, 2010

President Beverly Little called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. In attendance, Beverly Little, Geri Orta, Dee Carlson, Barbara O’Neill, Cliff Hewitt, Rusty Kingery, Dave Kingery.

In the absence of the Secretary, Beverly read the minutes from the February 10th meeting.

Dee requested the following corrections:

  • Geri’s question about ordering the entries in re jump heights was answered by Jan not Dee. Jan said the Cluster man-dates the order.
  • Correct committee volunteers to “no one was nominated for Chair of the January 2012 Show.”

The minutes were approved as corrected, 6 aye, 1 no vote.


August 2010 Show
Cliff gave Geri Orta a copy of the 2010 Committees and the 2011 Slate. Geri announced her new email, geriorta1@gmail.com

Membership: Rusty passed out Sammamish History Booklets to Barbara, Cliff and Geri, who had not been present at the Ban-quet to receive theirs. Rusty said she is working on a current History to add to the booklet. She is asking everyone to let her know what year he or she joined Sammamish. She did collect dates from everyone in attendance.

No old business

No new business

Motion for adjournment granted at 8:15 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
Rusty Kingery for Secretary, Michelle Brown

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