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May 2011 Barker


President Rusty Kingery called the meeting to order at 7:05pm. In attendance: Jackie Blumenstetter, Dee Carlson, Rusty and Dave Kingery, Geri Orta, Sandi Isaacson, Nancy Warfield, Michelle Brown, Nolan and Melissa Rundquist, and Tonya Gisselberg.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as printed in the Barker.

President’s report: Rusty reported on a very pleasant Cluster meeting, although Puyallup and Tacoma still does not want mixed breeds in obedience. The manager of the Holiday Inn in Kent has moved to a refurbished Holiday Inn in SeaTac and wants us to come there for our January show. The group decided that was a good deal and the price is good. The entry fees and parking fees will stay the same for the show as last year, $28.00.

Secretary’s report: Michelle reported at the Awards Banquet the club nominated several people for the American Kennel Club Lifetime Achievement Award. There are three awards that are presented in the areas of Conformation, Companion Events and Performance. The nominees were Patti Neale in the area of Conformation, Ray & Jana Brinlee, Lyndell Ackermann and John Cox in the area of Companion Events. We don’t have anyone yet in the area of Performance, but Dee said she had someone in mind and will let the secretary know. We only need one candidate in each category or one in two categories. We have until May 6th to get our nominations in. The secretary will send out a group mailing with the nominees and we will decide then.
Michelle also read a flyer from the American Cancer Society for the Bark For Life Relay. They wanted to know if anyone if anyone from our club was going to participate. So far no one will be participating.

Committee reports:

Standing Rules- Nancy reported that the group has not met yet and a chairman has not been chosen. Geri Orta was nominated for chairman.

August 2011 show- Rusty reported the specialty clubs are falling in line and we just have a few out-standing contracts. We still need a certificate of liability from the Terrier Club. Membership: Jackie reported that Paul is working on a bookmark flyer to put out at the shows to attract new members.

Unfinished Business: none.

New Business: none.

Next Meeting: May 11th 2011 at the Rose Hill Fire Station.

Motion granted to adjourn the meeting at 7:25pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michelle Brown, Secretary

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