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May 2011 Barker


To those of you who missed the last meeting, it was a fun meeting. We dispensed with the Board Meeting because so many Board Members were out of town. Held a short meeting and then got right to the caramel corn that Dave made, and the pop that Nancy brought . Thank you to the nice Firefighter who helped set up the recorder and TV for us. And then got right to the Tapes from the 1998 January Show. Because the tapes were in real time, we picked the Groups where the members that were at the meeting had breeds of interest. Then after their Breed showed, fast forwarded until the Grp placings were made. The thing I noticed was the change of faces between then and now. Most of the Handlers we see in the rings now, were not yet among those in the ring. I heard it said once that the average span of time for dog show people is just 5+ years. How lucky we are in Sammamish to have people of greater interest and longevity.

Looking forward to the Standing Rules Committee report next meeting. Also we should be hearing from the Benevolent Committee. So far this year we have only the WSU Vet Scholarship designated.

After the drenching weather we have had this year, looking out my window as I write this a very welcome sun is shining. The daffodils and tulips are up, and oh yes over night the dandelions are coloring the grasses at the side of the road and probably in your yard.

By the way did you all find Jan last issue? Just in case you didn’t this was the busy lady.

To those of you who are Mothers Happy Mother’s Day,

And for those of you who aren’t, don’t forget to send a card or call your Mother.

Rusty Kingery

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