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May 2012 Barker


April 11, 2012

President Rusty Kingery called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. In attendance: Jan Leikam, Rusty & Dave Kingery, Dee Carlson, Michelle Brown, Geri Orta, Bo Gloster, Patty Anderson, Sandee Isaacson, Jackie Blumenstetter, Julia & Malynn Johns, Jenny Merritt and guest Michelle Christansen.

The minutes of the last meeting were read from the April Awards Banquet and approved.

President’s report: Rusty reported Bo will take the 2013 show chairman.

Treasure’s report: Patty reviewed the finances.

Secretary’s report: none.

Committee reports:

August 2012 show: Dee reviewed the contract with the Marriott. The rooms cost $109.00 plus tax. The dinner is $43.00 per plate. The shuttle for getting the judges to and from the airport is provided by Shuttle Express. Jan will check and see if we have insurance coverage when club members drive judges to and from shows in their own cars. Bo brought up a concern about the charge for parking at the hotel. Dee said the Hotel might put some of our club members in another hotel that is Marriott owned because there may not be enough double rooms for exhibitors. Dee was given agreement by consensus of the club to approve the Marriott contract. Judges dinner is August 25th, 2012 at 6:00pm.

January 2013 show: Jan reported that we are going back with the hotel in Kent.

AKC Delegate: Bo reviewed why the proposal did not pass on the group’s realignment. Reserve Winners will be voted on in June.

Benevolence: Dee introduced Michelle Christiansen. She needs volunteers for a pool of conformation/handling instructors to teach the 4-H youth. Signups were passed out. Dee also asked that our club support the 4-H club by providing short leads that are needed for obedience training. She was given approval to get a cost and let us know at the next meeting.

Old Business: Patty will check into the name badges for the club to wear at shows. Bo said he has gotten multiple nominees for the Sportsmanship award.

New Business: the next meeting is still to be determined but May 2nd is the current date if we can get the room reserved.

Motion granted to adjourn the meeting at 8:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Brown, Secretary

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