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May 2012 Barker


This seems to be the season for National Specialties. My Deerhound Specialty falls in the week of our scheduled meeting night. I have also heard from Julia and Malynn that the Cavalier specialty is our week as well. The Borzoi National comes up the 3rd week of the month. Our Vice President is also involved on that night. At the meeting we discussed trying for the 1st Wednesday, the 2nd, but the Fire Station was not available. Sooo as there really was nothing earthshaking on the agenda we decided to just cancel the meeting.

Dee did bring up the donation of Leads to the 4h Obedience group, if she could limit the amount of purchase to close to $200.00. She was able to order the purchase of 30 leather leads for $225.24. As it fell within the perimeters of the limit, and we had no meeting scheduled she was told to go ahead with the order.

There has been a lot written lately in several newsletters and one in fact from AKC, about the aging of the showing members. Urging the need to encourage and promote the Juniors. They are the future of Dog World. We always have big classes at our Shows. Perhaps Julia, you might come up with something that would show them how much they are appreciated. Julia, I know you have done an af-fair in the past at our Summer Show. Perhaps we can do something this summer? We do Show case the Best Junior, in the Group Ring, awarding a trophy and a large rosette. In the same vein, our visitor Michelle Christenson presented a request for members who might be interested to attend a 4h handling class to give conforma-tion/handling instruction. We had several who volunteered to do so.

Don’t forget to send your nominations for The Sportsman Award to Bo before the June meeting, which is the 14th. And if you want a say in the outcome of the vote , COME TO THE MEETING and VOTE for your choice.


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