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Update on Dee Carlson

May 2013 Barker


Written by Ken Carlson

Chemo pill treatments joined the radiation treatments last Friday. We are about 10 days into the radiation and 7 into the chemo. No debilitating effects from the chemo as of yet. Some nausea but still eating well.

We were able to get rid of one seizure medication. Dee broke out in a rash. Removing the one seizure drug worked in our favor. Dee has been able to walk, speak and function a lot better since it was removed and the steroids in-creased. She has been very active the last few days during her sister Ruth's visit. Yesterday and today were filled with radiation, talking with people, walks to the local creek, visitors to the house, tying up loose ends on previous activities, and even Dee doing a few household chores. Things are going relatively well at the present. The current sunny days also help.

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