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May 2013 Barker


April and May seem to be the months of National Specialties. Mine , Scottish Deerhound, was the week of the 17th thru 21st in Lexington, Va. This is horse country and we were at the Horse Center. Just at the start of the cut back in funds for the Traffic Controllers, we were held up [only] 20 min. late for take off and set down for my connect-ing flight, but which made me almost miss my US Air flight home. Last one on the plane and luggage not on my flight. But the air line delivered it to the house the next day. Whew

We will be without Jan and Patty at the meeting as they will be off to Pa. for the Borzoi National. News from Ken about Dee is sounding good. The latest note is on page 2 of this issue. Geri is also undergoing surgery on her neck. We need to have her check in as to her progress. So I would like to hear from the Board members who will be available for the May meeting. If we have no quorum for the Board, we might just do a General Meeting. In that case would you like to start a General Meeting at 7PM? So we get out earlier? Or is 7:30 a better time for arrival? Please let me know.

Again remember your nomination for the Good Sportsman Award from our club. As was discussed at the meeting, this is for a person who is helpful, good spirited, and willing to jump in and take on projects. As we all show separate breeds, the general interpretation of Good Sportsman, in a competitive ring experience is not the criteria we are using. This must be in to Bo prior to the picnic in July.

For those on the road this next month, safe travels, For those who have medical issues, we send you our thoughts and good wishes for a complete recovery.

See you on the 8th of May. As I write this, we have blue skies and the rhodies are coming in bloom!!!


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