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May 2014 Barker


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Attending: Laura D. Young, Holly Berman, Ray K Tellef, Madeleine Boucher, Rusty Kingery, Patty Anderson, Jan Leikam, Jackie Blumenstetter, Susan Plouff, Geri Orta

Rusty Presidents report says we will be getting a savings from Marymoor Park The park wants us to (Wednesday night) to let Marymoor use the asphalt pad for parking for the evening movie parking. We agreed. Jan says there could be an event center by Willows road.

Report from the Treasurer:
No report in March due to turnover in treasurers. Report from end of March to current date - Treasurer has several checks without information on what are/were for

Break down for dinner

Jan asked if Final deposit from Baray came to Susan. Jan says she doesn't remember what she did with the check, but she thinks she sent it to Susan. Jan will contact Baray to have them send a different check.

No dues have come in from Ken/Beverly Little. Laura will call Ken to see if he will remain a member.

Report of Committees

Finance: Patty wants to have her accountant continue to do the reconciliation of the books and the taxes etc. There was a motion made and seconded that the club no longer host alcohol beverages at club events. Rusty called for a vote it was passed unanimously.

January show committee: Susan/Laura
We have judges and are waiting on judges letters. Rusty told us to contact the other clubs for obedience.

No unfinished business/No new business

Meeting adjourned.

Dogs Decoded Nova program Carmel corn/movie.

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