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May 2014 Barker


Those of you who missed the April meeting, missed an hour of a NOVA production, DOGS DECODED. It answered lots of questions we may have had about our dogs and why they do some of the things they do. Two segments I found very interesting, that dogs are sole among animals that recognize what we want when we point to an object or even realize that we are pointing. How many times do we say “come here” and point to here. Or “go get it” and point to where it is, AND they do it! Try it with a cat. [smile] The other was the study the Russians did with the silver fox that they raise for fur. Their experiment was selective breeding for temperament and when they had achieved that, the result a very sweet doglike attitude and in appearance to a more domesticated canine. Color, head shape, and tail carriage. Dave’s Carmel corn was a hit too.

Because the information came back to me too late to bring up at the meeting, I ventured into announcing and asking for permission by email, to fund a donation for the Oso animals that had been orphaned by the Slide. The Washington State rules I found out, are very strict how this must proceed. ALL members of the Club MUST vote. Not an easy task and one I would not use unless an immediate ruling be needed again. However, all turned out and we got a Club approval. Susan sent a check to Laura, and Laura was to write a note, enclose the check and send to the Darrington Horse Owners Ass. Who are supervising the care of the animals.

In spite of the rain and cold, the Blossoms are our in full glory as are the Rhodies. Unfortu-nately so were the dandelions'. By the time the grass was dry enough to mow, they were in full “powder puff” form. I guess we will have plenty of yellow in our yards next year too.

See you in a week or so.

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