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AKC Delegate Report

November 2004 Barker


The AKC delegates convened in New York City on September 14th and 15th, 2004. As always, there were interesting people and interesting discussions, but I think most found this a calm few days, with the exception of some discussion of the new AKC Online Breeder Classifieds (OBC). Agenda items,
discussions and decisions are noted:

A proposed amendment to Article VII, Section 4 of AKC’s Charter and Bylaws passed, which enabled, but did not require, the AKC Board to schedule more than eight (8) regular meetings in a year. It was a financially neutral proposition for the most part (no impact on directors’ stipends), which provided flexibility to the Board.

An amendment to Chapter 11, Section 8-A of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows, was modified somewhat, and then passed, and will allow the administrative disqualification of dogs that repeatedly threaten or menace judges. (Up to three incidents as opposed to the proposed two are considered the magic number for administrative disqualification).

An amendment to Chapter 13 of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows was adopted. This clarified and simplified some language, but the significant impact was to eliminate any possibility of offering dogs and puppies for sale at show venues, in certain situations.

Defeated was a proposal to require results from Field Trials to be RECEIVED, as opposed to mailed, within 7 days of the event. This was considered onerous.

An amendment was passed which permitted a National Gun Dog Stake for German SH Pointers to be run.

The Online Breeders Classified did not require delegate approval, but the implantation was delayed to allow discussion at this meeting. 85% of AKC web site hits involve Breed/ Breeder inquiries. Already on the web are 20
puppy sales Websites, and of course we are all aware of the approximately 23 alternate dog registries. So while dog registrations are down , the interest in purebred dogs is not. The OBC was seen by the executive arm of the AKC as being a bridge connecting AKC, buyers, and breeders, with a bottom line goal
to increase blue slip return (Individual dog registration).

Lastly, this is not a constitutional amendment, and can be modified, absolved, etc if problems arise. The biggest reservation from the delegates seems to be
putting the prestige and word of the AKC behind puppies obtained in this fashion, with little mechanism for quality control (health, temperament, etc). I brought printed website pages to the last general meeting, but I would encourage all of you to visit this site, and see what you think.

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