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November 2004 Barker
Minutes from the Last Meeting — October 13, 2004



Members present: Dee Carlson, Jan Leikam, Patty Hull, Reggie Gausman, Muriel Clifford, Deb Lewy, Rusty Kingery, Bev Little.

Dee called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.

Changes to Minutes: Jan and Dee went to the show site, not Patty. The judges’ selection committee for August 2006 is Muriel, Jan, and Dee. Jan moves and Muriel seconds to accept the minutes with the above changes. Passed.

President Report. None. No board meeting this month.

Secretary’s Report: Deb passes around a thank-you letter from the Boston Terrier Club. Jan passes out the AKC Gazette subscription offer.

Treasurer’s Report. Patty passes out the current report. There is a question on the waste management bill. We paid Marymoor but still owe a percentage from Giddyup Espresso and have a vendor who owes money due to a bounced check.

Old Business

Jan 2005 show: Jan says the premium list is at the printers and will be in the mail this next week. Discussion of remodeling sites at the Puyallup grounds. This year will be tight and the site won’t be done until January 06. We will have 9 rings in one building, using the Pavilion, using another building. We will not use the tent this year. Rusty says she needs the ring layout ASAP. Jan will get Chris’s info to her on rings. Judge’s hospitality will be in the new building; lunch will be in the Pavilion.

Premium Lists: We need demo info in the premium list for Pawsabilities. There is a limit on rally. We also need to modify the jump heights for obedience and rally and double check with Rogers. As of January 1, we need
to modify the entry forms.

We are using Best Western this time again due to the banquet room. Cocktails at 6:30, dinner at 7:00.. Friday night is the Doberman match; Saturday night is the SAM B match for groups 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Group 3 (Working dog) has its own match. Specialties on Friday include Bichon, St. Bernard, Doberman. Doug is announcing again and there will be 3 photographers.

August 2005 Show. Jan is show chair and Bo has offered to do grounds. Reggie is trying to get the Corgi’s specialty moved to SAM. They could do back-to-back. Bo needs to decide which judges will judge which breeds—herding group is currently up in the air. Dee suggests that at least on obedience, we should lower fees. Discussion on all entry fees and lowering them.

New Business

January 06 Show. Judge’s selection committee is Pat Wilaby, Vandra Huber, and Karin Cartwright.

AKC Delegate Report: Bo emailed this to members.

Nominating Committee: The committee made up of Jan, Reggie, and Muriel presented the following nominations: President: Dee Carlson; Vice President: Rusty Kingery; Secretary: Deb Lewy; Treasurer: Patty Hull; Board members:
Reggie Gausman, Muriel Clifford, Jan Leikam, Pat Wilaby, and Bo Gloster.

Rooms for January Show: Any members who want to book rooms for the January show, contact Bev Little as soon as possible!

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

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