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November 2006 Barker
Minutes from the Last Meeting — October 11, 2006



Meeting called to order at 7:41PM by President Dee Carlson

Members in attendance: Dee Carlson, Rusty Kingery, Cliff Hewitt, Muriel Clifford, Jan Leikam, Bo Gloster

Guest: David Kingery

No President’s report.

Secretary’s report: Thank You notes received from two of our August judges.

Treasurer’s report: approved as presented.

Delegate’s report: Bo discussed the last AKC Delegates meeting and the impact of the proposed contract between AKC & Petland. Also he solicited comments and input from the Sammamish membership regarding the upcoming AKC Board elections

Old Business:

The date of the Christmas party was reconfirmed as Sunday, Dec 10
3PM at either Jan or Patty’s home.

August 07 report: Jan will be the specialty Coordinator for the August 2007 show. She will Work closely with Cliff Hewitt on Grounds matters and parking problem.

January 08 report: Obedience chair Dee Carlson states that Dan Butcher is deleted from the panel due to prior commitments. She will search for a replacement.

Jan has agreed to provide a report from the Long Range Planning committee at the February 2007 General Meeting. Her committee members are: Rusty Kingery and Doug Haldeman. Anyone with suggestions for future direction for
our club is welcome to talk with any of the committee members.

New Business:

Report of the Nominating Committee – Officers and Board for 2007

President Dee Carlson
Vice President Rusty Kingery
Secretary Verlynn Johns
Treasurer Jan Leikam
Board Members:
Bo Gloster Beverly Little Cliff Hewitt
Patty Hull Muriel Clifford

Nominations from the floor will be taken at the November 8th General Meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Leikam

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