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Robert's Rules

November 2006 Barker



[ cont'd from October '06 Barker ]

Gosh it looked so good as we were setting up the Motion. We thought we had covered all the bases, but during the discussion it came up we had forgotten to state the time and place where are action was to take place. There are 3 ways this can be handled, we can go ahead and vote and vote it down and start all over, and sometimes things get so complicated that this is the wisest route to take. OR if the person is really quick and can intercept before the Chair has stated the motion, he/she can withdraw the motion or modify it without the permission of the assembly. But after the Chair repeats the motion it no longer belongs to the maker. So if the maker is not quick enough, and the motion has been stated by the Chair, and discussion is taking place the 3rd way, the option to amend the Motion to add the time and place and/or anything else we may have overlooked when the original motion was made can be moved.

Now remember all this happens BEFORE the vote takes place not after. If you have already voted before it was realized that something was left out, NO PROBLEM! Vote and then make a new motion to cover what was left out. But if you are in that in between place before the vote, you make an amendment to correct the omission. There is no rule as to who should do the “amendment”, but when you all decided the “time and place”, it is stated: I move to amend
the motion by adding the time, 6 PM, Mar, 14th and place, The Crab Cracker. There is a 2nd. The President then states, “It is moved and 2nd that we amend the motion by adding 6 PM Mar 14th at the Crab Cracker. If adopted the motion w ould read, to have an Awards Banquet, 6 PM, Mar 14th at the Crab Cracker. Is there any discussion?”

Now we have a main motion and a primary amendment pending. What do we do now? Well we have to approve the amendment 1st, so a vote is taken on that. Then we add the amendment to the original motion and if we like the way it reads, vote on the entire motion. And it is done.

Robert’s gives examples of amendments to the amendment! [again this is before the vote is taken] For example during the discussion on the amendment, exception is taken to the time and it is decided to change it to a later hour. So an amendment is made to the amendment that set the time. “I move that we strike out 6PM and insert 6:30PM”. And it receives a 2nd. It is
presented by the President as she did the 1st amendment and you proceed with discussion, and when you vote you start at the last amendment made and vote each up or down depending on how you feel they change the original motion. When done the original motion would read, I move that we hold an Awards Banquet at 6:30 PM, Mar 14th, at the Crab Cracker.

Wow my favorite place! I’ll be there will you?

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