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November 2007 Barker


General meeting called to order 7:35pm by Dee Carlson

Members present: Dee Carlson, Jan Leikam, Muriel Clifford, Patty Hull, Bo Gloster, Rusty Kingery, David Kingery, Beverly Little, and Verlynn Johns.

Presidents report:
Dee expressed her sincere gratitude to Rusty Kingery for her gallant efforts in publishing "The Barker". “The pic-tures, information and fun articles which you collect and lay out, speaks highly of your dedication to our club and we all really appreciate all the hard work and time you dedicate to "The Barker”. Thank you! “ Way to Go Rusty.

Secretary report: Correspondence from several of our August show judges. See cards...

Myra Savant puppy intensive care seminar on Saturday December 1, 2007 Contact person: Reggie Gausman

Delta Society celebrates 30 years of Commitment to Human Animal Bond Saturday October 13th, 2007 in Bellevue, WA.

The Northwest Disaster Search Dogs sent a thank you letter for the donation from Sammamish Kennel Club
425 823-7035.

Stephen Ross Photography sent a collection of photos of the group and Best In Show winners from the Au-gust 07 show. These were turned over to Jan Leikam, our historian, and Rusty Kingery for the Barker.

We received AKC approval of Rally judge Carolyn Wray for our show January 08 Rally Trial.

Coolbred Canine Reproduction Services, sent a letter of introduction to our club, Patty Hull informed us that they also had a booth at our August show..

Treasury Report:
Jan reported Sammamish KC will break even if not a little ahead for the August 2007 show. Final receipts and invoices still being recorded.

Beverly Little read Lisa McKan's Membership application; however there were no sponsors on it so we will need to collect more information from her. Beverly will contact her and invite her to meetings so we can get to know her and Bo Gloster will also talk with her about the benefits of joining our club.

AKC Delegate Report:
Bo Gloster reported the on the power struggles between AKC and CHF. (Canine Health Foundation) AKC would like to have more control over CHF, thus threatening to pull funding if AKC was not granted 6 appoint-ees to the CHF board. In turn AKC will provide an approximate half a million dollars in matching funds to CHF. AKC implies that CHF has no real accountability of distributing funds; AKC feels they could help manage this situation.
Bo Gloster also reported on the Novice class verses the Amateur/Owner/Handler class. This goes up for vote sometime in Dec 07. Bo asked for any input for or against this new class. The Sammamish Kennel Clubs con-sensus was to leave the class the way it stands. Dee Carlson asked Bo if there was any discussion regarding AKC not publishing the full AKC Board and Delegates Meetings Minutes in the gazette as they have in the past. Bo replied there has been some discussion. All AKC Delegates have full access to the transcripts. Dee requested that at the next Delegates Meeting, Bo will propose that all Board Members of AKC member clubs be allowed access to the full Minutes of the meetings.

Nominating Committee:
Chair Bo Gloster reported the new slate for the next term will be as follows.

President: Dee Carlson
V. President: Rusty Kingery
Secretary: Verlyn Johns
Treasurer: Jan Leikam
Board Members: Bo Gloster, Patty Anderson, Beverly Little, Muriel Clifford, Cliff Hewitt

Show Committees:
Bo Gloster has agreed to be show chair for August 09. Thank you Bo.
Muriel Clifford is now booking rooms for club members who are working at our January 2008 show. Rusty will put show date information into "The Barker". Jan Leikam reported entry fees are going up starting in January 08.
Some discussion with August 2008 show committee members on improving loading/unloading parking, golf carts and fire lane issues. These issues will be further discussed at the November meeting. Dee will work with WWHA to resolve a few issues from the August 2007 Agility Trial.

Christmas Party:
Jan Leikam will check on the Crab Cracker on December 12th, 2007 for our annual Christmas Party. The consensus was to try a weekday evening event. More information to follow.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55pm

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