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October 2008 Barker


Minutes of the October 8th meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:30PM by President Dee Carlson. Attending were: Rusty Kingery, David Kingery, Beverly Little, Mi-chelle Brown, Barbara O'Neill, Jan Leikam and guest, Geri Orta from Lake Stevens.

Minutes of the last meeting – correction, Dee Carlson will speak to Verlynn Johns re: lost key to their motor home. Barbara O'Neill moved, Beverly Little second to approve the minutes as corrected. Motion passed.

There was no report of the Secretary.

Treasurer's report was passed around to the members and filed with the Secretary.

Committee Reports :

Show January 2009
Jan Leikam reports that Cliff Hewitt has assumed the job of co-chair for the January 2009 show and that Barbara Underwood will do the Hospitality for both the judges and the show.

Nominating Committee reports the following for Officers and Board for 2009:

President: Beverly Little
Vice-President: Rusty Kingery
Secretary: Verlynn Johns
Treasurer: Jan Leikam
Board: Dee Carlson, Bo Gloster, Patty Anderson, Barbara O'Neill, Cliff Hewitt

Please remember that nominations from the floor are due at the November 12th meeting.

Dee Carlson reported on her inquiry to AKC asking for clarification on the “10 ft” rule regarding the use of canopies at ring-side. There seems to be no specific AKC rule, but the Club can set the rules. After discussion, it was decided to refer this to Bo to present a Recommendation to the Board for the August 2009 show.

No AKC Delegate Report

Beverly Little moved, Rusty Kingery seconded that we donate $200 to Posado's Safe Haven in memory of Margaret Wageman.

Rusty Kingery will send out a 'special edition' of the Barker reprinting the article that appeared in Dog News about the show this past August.

Dee Carlson presented a suggestion for a 'points' award program for club members who participate in activities with the points redeemable for various prizes. This is an effort to bolster meeting attendance. Dee will develop a proposal to present to the general Membership. Also under discussion, whether the 2nd Wednesday is the best date for a meeting, and if it was mandated in the Constitution. Beverly y found the section which reads, “meetings of the Club shall be held each month within the greater Eastside area at such hour and place a may be designated by the Board. “ This gives us some leeway, should we decide a more convenient day for the membership.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Leikam for Verlynn Johns.

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