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November 2009 Barker


I’m more used to copying and pasting this page than writing it. But once in awhile there is a “Blue Moon” and the V.P. must fulfill the assigned duties of the office and take over for the vacationing President, who is off to Italy touring and enjoying the great foods and wines of the country. A popular place to visit, our Bo just returned from there just in time for the meeting.

We got the News that a Federal Judge in Kentucky upheld the rights of dog own-ers. The Kennel Clubs in that region banded together to fight the restrictions that the legislators had imposed on them. It may be the precedent to help the California dog owners who continue to have to fight for their rights against a legislature that keeps coming back with new versions of the same propositions that have been defeated each time they have come to a vote.

We have big changes at the Kingery house with the addition of Jaraluv’s Quite the One, Tri-owned by Dave, me, Jan and Patty. Of course he is a baby Deerhound and having a puppy in the house presents many challenges that we haven’t had to meet in a very long time. Having to safe keep our slippers and shoes. Also having to elevate our garbage container to a counter top to eliminate temptation, is something we haven’t had to do for years. But the fun of it all makes it all worthwhile. Patty is our very excellent handler and at her 2nd show with him took an adult Group 2 at the Mt Vernon, All Hound Show, this at 7 months. Any chance to brag and I’m off and running and completely Kennel blind. I have always prided myself on my Objectivity when it comes to my dogs. However, “Q” as he is known , has completely made me as “kennel blind” as the worst of them you know. And I have pictures!!! Just in case you give me a chance to show them to you.

Don’t forget to set aside the date for the Christmas Party the 2nd Wed. in Decem-ber, the 9th. At our favorite restaurant, the Crab Cracker. Info on front page. RSVP as usual to Jan.

Rusty Kingery,
Vice President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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