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November 2010 Barker


I’ve been researching a couple of things for more details. I looked first for a bit more on Pet Insurance.

Delving into a half dozen companies’ policies I couldn’t find one that covers anything related to breeding, pregnancy, and whelping. Those are major items of concerns and cost to dog breeders.

If you have an older dog (age depends upon individual insurance companies) you can only get accident coverage, not health coverage. Chances are an older dog will need coverage far more for a serious illness than he will for getting run over by a car or some such.

All the companies want to provide "well pet" coverage. Generally the coverage costs more than just paying the vet’s bill for inoculations and routine exams. A few will cover pre-existing conditions but those conditions are quite limited. They don’t include things such as hip dysplasia, cancer, or heart conditions.
As far as I can see the only way to make pet insurance really worth it is if your pet gets a serious, covered condition AFTER buying insurance and outside the "waiting period."

A better way might be to simply establish a pet savings account and deposit a comparative amount into it each month and collect a little interest. That way it will be available when you need it and not depleted when you don’t. That’s "self-insurance" and looks to me more cost effective.

The other thing on my mind is the AKC’s reported financial ails. While the AKC did have an operating deficit of $192,000 for April 2010 compared to April 2009 AKC’s investments during that same month earned a gain of $1.5 million.

AKC also spent a reported $10 million on recent "improvements" (really necessary?) to their offices in New York City and Raleigh. AKC doesn’t even own these offices they rent them! Nice for those landlords?

AKC pays their top execs very, very well. In 2008 the reported compensation for 11 top AKC executives ran from a low of $141,370.00 to $629,303.00. That’s more than Obama and Biden make combined. Is it really more difficult to run the AKC than the USA? The execs also receive other perks such as expenses, a 38-hour workweek, and other compensations.

In most companies when an exec doesn’t succeed in recovering from a downward spiral he’s replaced, not kept on and rewarded.

It seems to me right now the AKC is placing more and more economic constraints on the fancy instead of looking into it’s own house for some corrective and cost-cutting measures to balance it’s budget.

Beverly Little, President

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