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November 2011 Barker


The November Meeting will have several important items on the Agenda. It is an important business meeting as we will not have another until February. December is the Christmas party, and January is the Judges Dinner and Cluster Show on January 14th, a Saturday in this year’s rotation.

First on the Agenda will be nominations from the Floor. To solidify the ballot for vote at the December Party. The Slate from the Nominating Committee is posted on page 4.

Bo will give a report on the Realignment Committee’s 11 Group proposal. You should have gotten the attachments which showed what they have proposed. Also the new amendments that have been put forth on Judges requirements as they apply for license and additional breeds. These reports will be presented to the Delegates in December and Bo would like club input on both proposals. So be sure and go back and read the attachments that were sent out for your perusal.

Also I sent out the requirements that Patty sent explaining what we have to do if we decide that “electronic transmission” would make conducting business of the Club easier at times we don’t have meetings [such as the months of December and January] but must act on an impeding situation. Thank Patty for being in position to get the information for us.

We hope to see our new applicants, Jenny Merritt and Ellen Winningham. They both will be at their 2nd meeting. So both would be up for vote to membership.

The meeting will be held in the usual place, the usual time of month - 2nd Wednesday the 9th, the usual time 7:00 PM for the Board, 7:30 PM for the General Meeting. See you there!

Rusty Kingery

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