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November 2011 Barker


Nancy WarfieldNancy has been a Sammamish Member since 1999. She was also a Barker editor shortly after she joined. She is a Board Member and the Membership Chair.

I was born and raised in Seattle, graduated from Queen Anne High School, Class of 1975.

When I was 9 my parents where divorced. Every other weekend I would take the train to Vancouver, Washington to visit my Father. An elderly lady lived next door and she owned two Scottie dogs. She walked her dogs every day at noon and 6:00PM. I would wait to see her get the dogs ready and ask if I could walk with her. Soon she allowed me to hold the lead. She was a very nice lady and told me all about the breed. She said several times “once you own a Scottie you will have no other dog.”

From that point on I always wanted a Scottie Dog. My parents did not like animals and I was not allowed to own an animal. After all my kids where old enough I decided to get a Scottie. I purchased a dog from a member of the Washington State Scottish Terrier Club in 1990, not the best Scottie, but had a wonderful temperament. That started my journey in to the world of Dogs. I purchased my first “Show Dog” in 1996.

I currently work as the Office Manager at Kellogg Middle School, in the Shoreline School District and have for 12 years. Previously I was a Day Care Director for 11 years and before that a say at home Mom.

I currently am the President of The Washington State Scottish Terrier Club, Board member of the Sammamish Kennel Club, and past President of the All Terrier Club of Western Washington.

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