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November 2012 Barker


President’s Chatter

What a fun evening at the July Picnic! And what a good turnout. Was fun visiting with everyone. Geri had her sisters there from out of State. They came to an August Show a couple of years ago, the 1st hamburger BBQ lunches and jumped right in and took over one of the BBQs. I tried to convince them Barb would love to have them back, but they have to go home before the show.
We did vote on the candidates for the Sportsman Award and that will be presented during Group judging at the August Show. It was a close vote, showing that we really appreciate those who were nominated.

This year the WWHA who put on the 3 days of Agility for the show on soccer fields 7, 8, and 9, are holding a CAT Lure Run on Thursday. For those of you who haven’t been follow-ing the AKCs latest event, this is a Lure Test for any and all breeds. Those of us who have Sighthounds and have done Lure Trials, have been aware for years that most dogs will chase a moving object, even if that is not their normal method of hunting. My little Border Terrier used to get very excited watching and when we let her run did a really good run. So now there is an event for all breeds and the CAT stands for Canine Aptitude Test. I think they even get some sort of title .

Thursday starts off with the American Saluki Assoc. holding a Specialty, the local Club then takes over for Friday and Saturday. The All Terrier Club takes the whole block of 4 rings for their Group Shows, Friday and Saturday. They will also hold a CGC on Friday be-tween 10 AM and 2 PM for anyone wanting to take their dog through the course. The Por-tuguese Water Dogs join us this year for their 1st Specialty on Friday . Another newbee, the German Wire Haired Pointer for both Friday and Saturday. Our long time faithful Specialty Clubs, The Puget Sound Borzoi F and S, The Irish Setter club of Seattle F and S, The Toy Fox Terrier, F and S, who also put on a Sanctioned B All Breed Match Friday eve-ning, $5. per entry, The Boston Terrier Club of West. Wash. both F and S. The West. Wash. Weimaraner Club is holding a Western Reserve Futurity both F and S. The Puget Sound Dalmation Club is there Sat only as is the Puget Sound Poodle Club. Most of these Clubs will support the Classes on Sunday. The Cascade Working Group is only with us for Sat. this year, having held their other show at the Rose City Classic in Portland. If you aren’t doing anything on Friday or Saturday come out and tour the Show grounds. It is a very active place the 2 days before our All Breed.

So the next time I see you will be at the Show. Be sure and get your reservations for the Judge’s dinner Saturday evening at the Marriot, to Dee. RSVP ! Remember if you say you are coming and you don’t ——— you pay. If you come —- [how good is this] the Club pays for you.!


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