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November 2015 Barker


I wonder how many of you used to get the Gazette when it was sent through the mail as a maga-zine? I was very disappointed when the AKC decided to save the dollars spent on printing and mail and substituted instead a slimmer magazine “Family Dog” for those who had had a subscription for the Gazette. A nice little magazine more slanted for the pet owners rather than the Show Crowd.

Of course you could still find the Gazette published on their Web Site, which I did for a while. But as time went by, I forgot to check for the on line issue and so I was completely taken by surprise in July when I received an entire copy in my Inbox! I have been receiving the Gazette every month. I am not sure how I have been chosen to receive it? Is it that I am an officer of Sammamish? Or are they just fulfilling my original subscription?

Anyway. It is available as an e mag. So if any of you are interested you might check with the Kennel Club to start receiving a copy.

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