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November 2015 Barker


The time is fast catching up with us. The January Show is looming on the horizon. This will be our last January Show as you will see by the minutes, we will be going to a 2 day show in August 2017. The cluster has been notified, and letters have been sent out to the Specialty Club chairs, who will take the news back to their Clubs to discuss how they want to handle the change. The options were outlined in the letters to them.

As you have received an up to date Treasurers Report by email. I take the blame for the Report not be handed out at the meeting. I was called and asked to please print it out and bring to meeting [Jan does not have a printer at home at this time] Well I printed the wrong info. Embarrassed as I am the Excel “go to person”, and in my hurry I didn’t notice the tabs at the bottom of the sheets and printed the wrong Sheets. But as you have received the Report, via email, we are up to date now.

I will be sending out requests for Stewards for the show next week as the premiums should be out about the same time.

Also November is the “Dues are do month”. $10 per single, and $15 for family. Somewhere in between the changes in Treasurer, the posting of the dues sent in for the John’s family and Julia’s individual membership didn’t get posted. Julia searched and found her receipts and all of the John’s have been reinstated and an apology offered for the slip up. Welcome back!

Next meeting will be November 11th at Fire Station 22.I will post directions on the last page with the Meeting notice.


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