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The New Complete Dog Book

November 2017 Barker



The New Complete Dog Book is the American Kennel Club's bible of dogs, covering every breed of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club - over 200 breeds. On the day it was released it became a Classic. This 22nd edition, 920 pages and over 800 color photographs, is completely updated and contains the official standard for every AKC recognized breed covering the seven variety Groups and the Miscellaneous Class. The 200 breed parent clubs provided the text for their breed. Each breed has four pages with four color photographs.

This 22nd edition of The American Kennel Club's New Complete Dog Book belongs in every dog lover's home, the library of every town and institution, each legislators office, and each dog club in America. What a great Christmas gift for both yourself and your fellow dog fanciers. Don't wait, buy it now.

Warning – If buying on the internet make sure you purchase the 22nd edition, The New Complete Dog Book.

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