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November 2017 Barker


Secretary’s Report of meeting of October 11, 2017

Meeting was called to order by President Rusty Kingery at 7:18 PM.

Members attending were: Rusty Kingery, Jan Leikam, Sandee Isaacson, Nancy Warfield, Laura Pearson, Geri Orta. Guests Dana Plonkey, Rick Davis, Jacqui Campbell.

Minutes from previous month’s meeting were read and approved as read.
Jan handed out Treasurer’s report which was semi-favorable but is expected to change for the good now that we have been approved for our August 2018 shows.

Jan, as Show Chairman, reported that she is beginning to seek out judges for this coming August shows. I suggested, now that things have worked out between Whidbey Island Kennel Club and our club for shows to be held at Cascade Air Park, that she reapproach Anders Larsen to judge juniors as well as hold a seminar for juniors. There was talk about what might happen with Whidbey Island Kennel Club in the future but now that AKC has given us the go ahead, all we will need to do is send a written (e-mail) request to Whidbey Island every year the day after our shows conclude.

Jan did mention that FC Trials will be offered to entrants at our next shows in 2018. Questions were asked about this kind of event. If anyone has questions about this, please contact Jan.

Laura Pearson also brought up the possibility of Dock Diving be offered as well. The Dock Diving organization brings in all the equipment needed, sets it up, and the Fire Department brings in a truck with enough water to fill up the pool.

So far, we have 4 Specialty clubs coming to us in 2018. Hoping we can pick up a couple more.

Laura Pearson is the new member in charge of setting up a new Facebook page for the club. She has a lot of great ideas for the club Facebook page.

Our New Membership Chair, Nancy Warfield, gave a second reading of applications for Jacqui Cambell, Dana Plonkey, and Rick Davis. Wide variety for each of interests that hopefully add to our club and events. All were voted on and accepted. Nancy also brought in a variety of club patches and pins to hand out to our newest members. Discussion on ordering new shirts as well. I am working on updating our membership list, which I will send out or hand out as soon as I complete the changes.

I presented a letter from AKC asking for our votes for Lifetime Achievement Awards. We nominated Dr. Claudia Orlandi for Conformation, Betty M. Winthers for Companion events, and Judy Powers for Performance. I tried to send our list into AKC to the person who’s name was on the request letter but when I typed in his e-mail address, the computer said “there is no such e-mail address”. Sent a message to Jan and she asked Bryan Martin, our regional AKC representative, if he could help us with getting our list in but to date, none of us have heard anything back as to whether our list made it into AKC. Not at all sure why.

Not only are our officers and board members needed to be voted on in December, our AKC Delegate’s 2 year term is up. Nominees can be made at our next meeting in November from the floor on all officers, board members or our current representative, Bo Gloster, stays on as AKC delegate.

Dues are coming up to be paid for another year. Jan will be sending notices out for this shortly.

As of now, the Christmas dinner date is Dec. 6, 2017, since quite a few of our members will be gone after the 10th. Jan is looking for a dinner location. There was discussion about our upcoming dinner, since there was a substantial bill from last year. Since our finances are marginal at this time, it was decided that the club will cover dinner for members and spouse/significant other with 2 drinks per person. If member doesn’t not have a spouse/significate other, 1 person guest will be acceptable. Any other drink order will be that person’s responsibility.

Our next meeting date is November 9, 2017, a THURSDAY night at Fire Station #26, our usual Kirkland fire house sort of be-hind Costco on the east side of I-405 if you are heading southbound. REMEMBER—THURSDAY NOVEMBER 9TH.

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Sandee Isaacson

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