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From the AKC Delegate

October 2006 Barker


Fellow Club Members, I have recently returned from the AKC Delegates' Meeting in Newark, NJ and am about to write up my observations of these sessions. However, before doing so, I wanted to compliment Julia Johns, in a separate mailing, to underscore my admiration for her recent accomplishments. As many of you know, I sit on the Grants Committee of the Canine Health Foundation, and often attend the Board Meeting of the Canine Health Foundation. This was held on Sunday, October 10, and it was a long and interesting meeting. Though these meetings are open to all, few other than Board Members attend, which allows for some added participation by me. These players are powerful: Wayne Ferguson (head of Cherrybrrok, I believe), Catherine Bell (organizing the Eukanuba auctions), Karen Mays
(a woman from the Borzoi world of incredible grace and style), Iris Love (White House attorney), etc etc. I asked to speak under New Business, and then proceeded to speak glowingly of Julia, as an example of what all of us in the dog fancy seek- a committed, talented, up-and-coming young person, with generosity, skill, and intelligence to boot. I spoke of her organizational skills, particularly evinced lately by the success of the All Breed Match at our summer show, and the significant sums of money raised. The Canine Health Foundation was then presented with the check form Sammamish Kennel Club, to vigorous hearhear's from all those present. I have copied Erika Werne from the Foundation on this email, and she may contact Julia for a
piece for the CHF Newsletter. Julia, stand up and take a bow!

AKC Delegates’ Meeting
Newark, NJ
October 11-12, 2006

The business of this meeting was clearly overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the possible contract between AKC and Petland. As most of you know by now, the issue is now moot, as the outcry form the Delegates there, as well as in subsequent communications and postings to the Board, was an overwhelming, angry, disappointed sense of betrayal, which resulted in the decision by the AKC Board to cancel these efforts. Several issues nonetheless deserve further comment. I think particularly galvanizing to
the Delegates was the covert approach- no, you don’t get to see the contract, or know much about it- and the arrogance- we’ll do what’s best here, and get in step. No doubt, these alliances fell out of the Strategic Plan, but this, as many of you know, has been kept veiled as well, the contention’s being that information should not be available to the competition.

What now follows is a request by me that you all try to stay informed about the March elections to the Board, as there will be significant interest in what direction the AKC will move, and who will be the drivers. I will want close input this time around for sure. A Nominating Committee has formed, and I will
alert you to nominations. Note too, that Patti Strand will almost certainly run again, and she came into some heat on this issue. I believe she chaired the High Volume Breeder Task Force, so has a perspective , both historically and currently, that put her in the spotlight.

Business of the house of delegates included the following:

  1. 4 passed amendments on Field Trial Rules and Standard procedures for Retrievers.
  2. Voting for and filling of vacancies/positions on Delegate Standing Committees. I have all these names which I will bring to meetings but let me note of some local interest. “Hatch” from Nisqaully was not returned to All Breed Clubs; Lynne Myall of Seattle elected to By laws, Clare Lincoln of Whidbey Island not elected to Dog Show Rules.
  3. Jim Stephen’s financial report: revenues 17% behind last year, but balanced by significant gains in investments, so basically no significant change. Number of events up 12 ½ %, number of entries up only by 2 ½ %. Financial deficit from events at approx $10 million!
  4. From the Grapevine: Eukanuba Invitational in Long Beach for at least 2006, 2007, 2008.
  5. Interesting presentations on Veterinarian Outreach program, and AKC Archives.


Bo Gloster
AKC Delegate


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