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October 2006 Barker
Minutes from the Last Meeting — September 13, 2006



General Meeting called to order at 7:35pm.by Rusty Kingery V P in for Dee Carlson.

Members present: Verlynn Johns, Jan Leikam, Laura D.Young, Cliff Hewitt, Muriel Clifford, Nina Neely, Rusty Kingery, Beverly Little.

Motion made by Jan Leikan to approve the July 12, 2006 minutes. Muriel seconded and motion adopted.

President’s report: None, Dee and Ken Carlson vacationing in Hawaii.

Treasurer’s report: Jan reported that we are solvent and we are still waiting for all the final billings to go through for the SKC show in August.

Secretary’s report: Mike Krolewski has resigned from the SKC. Letter received from Adaptive Photography petitioning to be a photographer at the SKC shows. SKC received a photo portfolio from Steven Ross with all the group one placing dogs and BIS and one of Jan Leikam receiving her thank you gift from SKC and a couple of the presentation from Julia Johns to Bo Gloster and the director of Homeward pets for the monies from the fun match Julia held. Also we received 2 letters from AKC, one referring to our January show that we have been approved for and the other recommending that we have a natural disaster plan ready in case the need arises again.

Nomination committee: Rusty asked if there were any volunteers form the board to oversee the nominating committee. Laura D. Young volunteered. Rusty explained the board appoints the committee and the Chairman is a Board member.

Benevolence committee: Bo and Patty not in attendance. Jan reported that she did not attend the cluster meeting, however she reported that the entry fees have gone up and the closing date is moved up to December 20, 2006. We will also have supported entries from the English Springer spaniels, Havanese, Flat coated retrievers, Bernese Mountain dogs and labs.

New business: Rusty asked if there were any volunteers for August 2008 show chair. No one in attendance volunteered for the position.

Nina Neely asked if she could link her web page to the SKC web page. Her company name is Rainbow Paws Keepsakes. She makes glass memories from your pet’s ashes. She showed some of her work and everyone agreed they were very nice. Discussion: Instead of the web page Nina suggested that we put activities and places of interest in the Barker. Rusty asked if there are any places of interest or information send the items to her.

Rusty announced the election of board members at the winter/Christmas party. It will be a potluck and if you would like to participate in the gift exchange bring a gift under $20.00.

Dee Carlson asked that the critique of the August show be put off until the October meeting.

Rusty explained the Western Washington Hound put on the agility trial at the SKC show in August 06 and it was very successful trial.

The Terrier club of Western Washington did a great job stepping up to the plate with a generous monetary donation.

Verlynn passed on Julia’s gratitude and appreciation to everyone who supported the fun match sponsored by SKC. She raised $940.00 which the net proceeds were divided to the Canine Health foundation and Home Ward pets in Woodinville.

Nina Neely thanked the show committee and Dee Carlson for all their hard work and time that they put into the August SKC show.

Rusty also reported there was a good response from the Issaquah press release regarding the SKC show.

Meeting adjourned 8:15pm

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