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October 2008 Barker


Minutes of the Sept 10th meeting

President Dee Carlson called the meeting to order at 7PM at the Rose Hill Fire Station. Present were: Dee Carlson, Jan Leikam, Rusty Kingery, David Kingery, Muriel Clifford, Patty Hull with Barbara O‟Neill and Michelle Brown joining us at 7:30PM.

There were no reports from the Secretary, Treasurer or AKC Delegate.

In response to a question from an exhibitor at the August show, Dee has asked Robin Stansell for clarification from AKC of the 10‟ from ringside rule for exhibitors‟ canopies.

After much discussion of the „C‟ Show & Go obedience match put on by the Cascade Doberman Club, it was decided to ask advice from Betty Winthers, the AKC obedience rep in an effort to support this activity in future years.
Dee also reported many kudos from our Exhibitors, Specialty Clubs and Judges for the great August show.

Bo Gloster was elected as Show Chairman for the August 2010 show.

The Nominating Committee was appointed with Cliff Hewitt as chair plus members Barbara O‟Neill and David Kingery. The committee will report on the 2009 slate of Officers and Board at the October meeting.

Our wonderful Standard Poodle Service Dog, Milo, has received an „Honorable Mention‟ in this category for the 2008 ACE award. We have received a certificate and notification that AKC is sending an engraved bronze collar medallion in recognition of this accomplishment.

There was discussion of rescheduling the General Meetings in an effort to attract more participation of our current members and encouraging new members. No decision was reached – will be discussed further next meeting.
It was announced that the Judges Education Association of Washington has dissolved due to the high cost of seminars in this area.

The Christmas Party will be held at Dee Carlson‟s home. Details will follow.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:15PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Leikam for Verlynn Johns.

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