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October 2009 Barker


September 10

President Beverly Little called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. In attendance: Beverly Little, Barbara O’Neill, Jan Leikam, Dave and Rusty Kingery, Bo Gloster, Barbara O’ Neill, Patty Anderson, Cliff Hewitt, Laura Young, Nolan and Melissa Rundquist, Geri Orta and Michelle Brown.

Secretary’s report:

The minutes of the last meeting were approved as read. Also read, 3 thank you cards from Richard and Sally, vendors at the show and from Sue Goldberg, a judge. Several thank you cards were printed in the Barker.

Treasurer’s report: none.

Board report:

The Board appointed a 2010 Nominating Committee: Cliff Hewitt, Chair, David Kingery and Nelson Rundquist. Please contact one of them if you’d like to run for office.

Committee reports:

August 2009 show - Bo Gloster reported the show went very well with few glitches. The new PA system worked very well until the middle of the Groups when the generator was turned off.

August 2010 show - Cliff Hewitt reported that he still needs someone to do grounds. Please contact Cliff if you want to volunteer.

January 2010 show - Jan Leikam reported a change in the lunchroom at the January show. Lunch will be served downstairs in the foyer. The working group seminar will be held in the area where lunch had been served. The judges will be staying at the Holiday Inn in Kent. Jan is looking for a restaurant for the judges’ dinner.

Program Report- none.

Benevolence Committee - Rusty reported the $1,500 to WSU exhausted our budget for this year.

The Barker - Rusty Kingery reported a better way of printing the Barker.

Unfinished Business: none.

New Business:

Group Realignment - Bo Gloster reported the AKC delegates will vote on a proposal to expand from 7 to 10 the conformation groups: the Hound Group and the Sporting Group to be split into two groups and the creation of a new Northern Group. It was moved and seconded we vote “no” to the 7 to 10 split. It was moved and seconded we vote “yes” to split the vote into 3 different proposed areas. Passed unanimously. The 3 proposed areas are as follows: moved and seconded we vote “yes” for the creation of the Northern Group. Passed unanimously. It was moved and seconded we vote “yes” to splitting the Hound Group. Passed with 1 opposed. It was moved and seconded we leave the decision on the vote to split the Sporting Group to our AKC delegate at the time of any vote taken. Passed with 1 opposed.

Next Board and Membership Meeting: October 14th, 2009.

Motion granted to adjourn the meeting at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Michelle Brown, Secretary.

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