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October 2009 Barker


I hope everyone had an enjoyable and winning summer. The show scene is slowing down now and we need to find other things to satisfy our “doggie” interests.

One way I might suggest is to come up with some ideas for outstanding programs for our SAM meetings this winter. Unfortunately our meeting site doesn’t allow us to bring dogs into the room so “hands on” is out. But that doesn’t mean we can’t use other media.

Do any of you have pictures, videos, or power point presentations of your breed you’d be willing to share with all of us? Do you have any videos of sighthounds coursing/running; any videos of working dogs at work; any videos of terriers searching for/capturing their prey; any videos of herding dogs herd-ing? I’d like to see some of those and I’m sure other would too.

If you do, please let our program Chair Barbara O’Neil know so she can schedule you for a meeting. AND…if you have ideas for any other programs you’d love to come and see, let her know that too.

I’d like to see a program on Dog First Aid. I’d like to know how to put together a proper traveling First Aid Kit to take along on road trips to the shows. Does anyone know someone who could put one of these on for us? Let Barbara know if you do.

On to the category of things you may/may not like to know but perhaps have not yet heard of:

A new study of dogs worldwide, the largest so far of its kind, suggests that our dogs’ ancestors, wolves, may have been first domesticated for their meat! Guess where? In China about 11000-14000 year ago. Yuk!

The USDA granted provisional license for use by veterinarians of the Intervet/Schering Plough vaccine to prevent CIV (H3N8 canine influenza virus).
The HSUS is endorsing a new dog food called “Humane Choice.” The primary ingredient is organic ground canola seed. It’s a vegan dog food that along with the rest of its ingredients would be better suited for a bird feeder than a dog food bowl. Perhaps just another way of HSUS doing away with our pets? Carnivores anyone?

The AVMA long an advocate of all the mandatory spay/neuter legislative efforts has now come out AGAINST such legislation. They finally realized such a single pronged approach is not the solution to all animal control problems and that there are some serious health risks associated with early spay/neuter programs. And it’s about time!!

See you at a meeting?

Beverly C. Little
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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