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Start-Up Promotion

October 2009 Barker


I am pleased to let you know that there is now an online frozen semen registry for all purebred dogs who have been collected and have frozen semen available. This registry is Puppies On Ice, Inc. and the website is www.PuppiesOnIce.com which was just launched on August 1st. If you'd like to see some of the wonderful dogs listed, please browse the Doberman breed. Since I am a "Doberman person", many top Dobermans of today and of the past have already listed with Puppies On Ice, Inc.

The Puppies On Ice, Inc. website (www.PuppiesOnIce.com) is a place where people can easily locate dogs in their breed with frozen semen available. So if you have an upcoming breeding, remember to browse this site to consider all of your options!

Too many of our past dogs have been lost and not considered in today's breeding decisions, simply because breeders did not have a place to go to find out if a dog had frozen semen available. Puppies On Ice, Inc. has now changed that forever by providing the place to register your dog letting others know he has frozen semen available. Those of you who have your dog's frozen semen stored can list your dog, his titles, up to 3 of his photos, his pedigree, and your contact information on www.PuppiesOnIce.com. You will be able to enter all of this in-formation right on the web site and you can come back frequently to make changes, add new titles, change photos or update your contact information.

The initial registration fee of $25 U.S. per dog covers your dog's set-up and initial listing on the site. An annual renewal fee of just $15 U.S. per dog will be due on August 1st, 2010 and annually thereafter for as long as you wish to keep your dog's frozen semen listed on www.PuppiesOnIce.com.

As a start-up promotion, the initial registration fee of $25 U.S. will be waived for the first 20 dogs in each breed who register by December 31, 2009.

Listing your dog on www.PuppiesOnIce.com lets others know he has frozen semen available. Be one of the first in your breed to register...so don't delay and register your dog today!

Please feel free to browse the www.PuppiesOnIce.com website now and keep coming back to see what wonderful new dogs have been added!

Jean Boland

Thank you again for offering to include this announcement in your newsletter and I hope people will find it to be a valuable resource!

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