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AKC Delegate's Report

October 2010 Barker


AKC Delegates' Meeting - September 13-14 - Newark, NJ

  1. By a vote of 151 AYE-220 NAY, an amendment to repeal term limits for Directors of the AKC was defeated. Note that a 2/3 vote was required for passage, so that the need for 223 AYE votes fell far short. This means that Directors may serve for 2 consecutive terms, and then must rotate off the Board for a year at least. There was much discussion on this, though not as passionate as I would have expected. This means that Ron Menaker will not be the President for the next term.
  2. Jim Stephens' Treasurer's report was as usual dismal, with revenues diminished by $2.7 million, 2/3 of which is ascribed to dwindling registrations. There is now a recommitment to work to improve registration figures by promulgating 6 ways to have a dog registered: i. full registration of individual puppies when litter is registered, ii. Full litter registration of offspring individually by breeder, iii. Breeder registers at point of sale, iv. New owner registers at point of sale with AKC follow-up, v. Breeder informs AKC of new owner who is contacted, vi. Pursuit of unregistered puppies by AKC, a so-called unregistered dog program.
  3. A reading of an amendment to be voted in December: this would allow Show Sups to schedule after-lunch assignments without division into hourly periods. Show chairs could countermand, but this allowance would be default position. Let me know thoughts here: might be a tremendous hassle for exhibitors of coated breeds who always try to have grooming perfected at peak moment, and are not always in sight of ring happenings/absentees/judging speed, etc. And frankly, this might demand the winners dog in the first breed hang out for hours waiting for a photo time.
  4. Ron Menaker's report included the following possibilities for expanding/improving shows: i. 4-6 month puppy classes, a Sanctioned event, officially entered, not eligible for points, so presumably DQ issues would not apply, judged seperately by other than the assigned breed judge, etc. This is an attempt almost certainly to lure exhibitors and their entry fees, but would enable the socialization of young dogs to begin, in a time where matches are few and far between. The vets have signed off on this. ii. Reserve BIS competition, iii. Amateur Owner Handled Groups and BIS (not simply out of that class - think BBEX comp at Eukanuba), iv. 6 Group Placements.
  5. A Breeder of Merit program is launched which will recognize above average breeders in terms of accomplishments, but will secure a promise that puppies from such folks will all be registered.
  6. The Eukanuba Show will be televised on ABC this year (not live).
  7. As of January 2011, (think Puyallup), 3 Independent Specialties of 100 entries or less, will be allowed to be helpd on the day of an ALL Breed Show. In the regular show, these breeds will be judged before the time of the Specialty. These breeds, but not others, would be excluded from evening specialties, held seperately (with less than 50 entries), after completion of BIS. This will be a 6 year probationary period.
  8. Altered classes? Probably not at other than Specialties.
  9. The Group Realignment Committee has been reconstituted and has resurfaced.

As always, your comments, questions, and opinions are warmly solicited.

Bo Gloster, AKC Delegate

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