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AKC Delegate Report

October 2011 Barker


There are a couple of issues related to the Delegates/AKC Board of which I wanted to make sure folks were aware .

1. The AKC Lifetime achievement awards will be presented in Orlando in December 2011 to Jean Fournier (Conformation), Pat Scully (companion) and Robert Fleury (performance).

2. The Reserve Best in Show is a done deal: I do need to determine if it is a club option though it seems fairly seamless and perhaps worth doing. It takes effect on July 3, 2012 (on a Tuesday to avoid a split weekend date involving clusters)

3. The group realignment process is well underway, with as you know from last communications, will propose 11 groups. This will go to the Delegates for approval, but then to the Board who determine the assignment of breeds, though certainly the committee input will be crucial. There is some early opposition, mostly involving the three working groups, as some are determined to maintain the "Working" profile and do not understand the inclusion of breeds typically not considered working into their respective groups (Amer Eskimo, Finnish spitz, even the more traditional guard dogs such as shar pei and chow chow). I am not sure how this will play out: last time there were pretty rough waters, which is why it was sent back to Committee.

Additionally arguments do float abut additional expenses, times-taking nature, longer shows, more complicated and expensive judging panels. These arguments are not strong, and after some explanation and dissection provide less convincing positions. I am glad to flush these out either at a meeting or on group email.

3. The Smith Committee has come up with a new proposal for judging approval, which is now out there for review and comment. It is indeed an improvement for any heading in this direc-tion, or other club members already there (Jan L., Bev L.,etc). I will provide info on this in print. Note that any aspiring judges will still go through the same acceptance process (with the exception that 3 rather than 5 provisional's may suffice).

4. John Wade is returning to California from the mother ship (very involved in Judging operations, Judging institute) so the West Coast all lose its orphan status and have an AKC field rep "in the 'hood."

Best regards, Bo Gloster

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