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October 2011 Barker


Well we did it! The Standing Rules have been approved as revised. Not as large of an attendance as I had hoped for, but “Decisions are made by those who show up”. This review of the Standing Rules was a carryover of last year’s business. Geri is going to send out the final copy to all members. I would suggest that you print off a copy for your personal file, become familiar with it, as that is how we run the Club. I will also send a copy to RLynn, our Web Mistress, to post on our web page.

The Nominating Committee was chosen to select the slate for next year. [named in minutes] Their slate will be read at the October Meeting. Nominations from the floor will be at the November meeting. Be sure and read your Standing Rules to see what the requirements are to be a nominee if you would like to run for any of the Offices or Board.

Also in this Issue, read the Delegate’s Report and the Realignment report (links below). At the head of the Realignment Report it mentions 2 attachments. The attachments were too big to include in this Issue so I will forward by Group Mail the 2 as I mail out the Barker, so you will have them to review. On page 5 there is a link to a page that will allow you to make comments for or against what you read in the attached documents. The realignment is going to present scheduling questions. Do we do 2 groups at once or do we stay over night to finish. But it makes a bit more sense to do a Res BIS when there are 11 Groups.

See you in October, same place, same time, on the 2nd Wednesday. Be among those who make the Decisions!

Rusty Kingery

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