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October 2012 Barker


The next meeting, we will be back at our normal Fire Station 26.

We will have a new member to vote in, Holly Berman will be voted on. Also the nominees for office for 2013 will be presented. Nominations from the floor will be accepted in November. Voting per usual will be in December at a short meeting at the Xmas Party. As we passed the Thank You notes around from the Judges from our August Show, someone suggested that as all of the members seldom get to read them as they are not in attendance at the September meeting, it would be fun to put them all in the Barker so all could see that their effort at the August Show was fully appreciated by the Judges who we invite to Judge our Shows. So they are, with the exception of the 2 from last issue scanned into this issue. Our Thanks to Jan for her many years of 2 shows a year service to the Club. Just one a year will seem a snap! Good Luck to Bo as he takes the helm.

For those of us who are going to Whidby’s Seminar for Stewards remember it is the weekend of October 6 and 7. 10:00 AM. Contact me if you need directions.


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