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October 2013 Barker


Because of a mix up in booking, we had no meeting last month. Along with the “no meeting”, we , of course have no minutes. This meeting we should have the results from the nomination committee.

As you saw from Michelle’s email, a vote from the Sammamish Club has been sent for Bill Holbrook to receive the Life Time Achievement Award. We sit back now and cross our fingers for him.

Inside is a report from the AKC concerning the new Regs that will be controlling Breeders from the USDA/Aphis. It seems that to curtail the “Pet Mill Breeders” they have thrown out the baby with the bath water, and made it more difficult for the serious Breeder.

I hope all of you survived the storm that came in this last week . We blinked but didn’t lose power. Our pond filled up but lost no trees that are on the upside of our property.

See you next week.


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