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October 2014 Barker


11 September 2014

Attending: Susan Plouff, Dave Kingery, Sandee Isaacson, Geri Orta, Patty Anderson, Jan Leikum, Geri Orta, Rusty Kingery, Laura Young, Madeline Boudeer and Roy Tellef

January Show:

Hotel rooms: Laura will check on
Hotel and food for event Need catering
Announcer- Susan Plouff Bill [BUBBA] Russell.
Martin Warfield Sells catalogs
Hospitality….Holiday Inn Mitzels
Problem on Sat morning getting people into the show grounds at 7 am
Decorations for tables
Proof premium lists
Specialty clubs information
On site at 6:30 park by hospitality area table clothes and thermos's
Doughnuts for exhibitors

Susan on the summer show in Aug 2015

Jan moves that we use Facebook page and Rusty seconded

CAT Trial approval for Aug. show

Need a nominating committee

For officers:
Susan nominating chair and Madelyne and Roy for members

Meeting closed.

Laura Young, Secretary


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