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October 2014 Barker


Well the Summer Show is over, and we say goodbye to Marymoor Park which has been our Summer home for as long as I have been a member. Tho as an exhibitor, I have made all the moves that Sammamish has made over the years. One think I have noted, is we have survived the many moves. Let us hope this one will be as successful as those moves we have made in the past.

I have put some pictures of the new site in this edition for those who haven’t been up to see it. The scope of it is impressive. 53 acres is really a lot of land!

Before we can put all our efforts to the new site, we have a January Show to put on. We will ask for an update at the October meeting

We also should have the report from the Nominating Committee. We are a small group with a small pool of people to select from. We need everyone, especially the senior members whose experience is so very valued to be on board to take us thru this transition time of a site move.

There is a lot of Club shifting going on for the coming year. We aren’t the only Club making changes according to Sheila. We have lost a couple of our Spe-cialty Clubs, and maybe gained a couple in return. Will take a little while to see where all the chips fall.


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