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October 2015 Barker


September 9, 2015 Meeting

Attending : Laura Young; Rusty Kingery; Sandee Isacson; Jackie Bluernselker; Nancy Warfield; Jan Leikam; Bo Gloster; Roy & Madeline

No financial report - Jan Treasurer
Book Keeper late
We are solvent

For conformation Lifetime achievement award:

  • Patty Strain
  • Companion Events
    • Jon Cox
  • Performance
    • Ray (Jerry) Cacchio
    • John Russell
    • Grant Stanfill

Now the meeting:

Show Report

  • Sign discussion
  • Show report Summer Show
  • Good show lost $3000
  • Learned new things
  • Search and Rescue charged us $3000
  • Use High School Football Team/Boosters to do parking scooping etc
  • Too many carts too many port-a-potties
  • No Dumpsters Roy Cleaned up
  • Tony will be in charge next year New Plan for garbage/Scooping/carts
  • Layout will change next year
  • Problems with Vendors
  • Reason folks didn't show up the tents/Awnings blocked vendor signs
  • Bo: Wants to rave great show great property as debut was great.
  • Specialties were great
    Take things from the Barker for our Facebook Page
  • Kids got tips on the karts
  • Jan we have a winner
  • Property owner loved it Airplane and Helicopters were issues
  • Discussion about tents and set ups
  • Dogs were unleashed
    Premium list will say dogs must be on leash
  • Lost the Portuguese Water Dogs specialties
  • We have a sani can on the property $150 a month
  • Blocked 50 room nights at the Everett Hotel (Holiday Inn) 26/27/28
  • $29 for shuttles
  • Well is at 20 feet, should be fine
  • Anyone can rent the property

January show:

Laura Linda Riedel Withdrew her judging assignment for the January show. Laura will send a copy of her signed contract to AKC

Lets see about improving communication

New Business:

Jan says she proposes we go back to back in 2017, Nancy seconded
There was discussion and this was tabled until next meeting.

Nancy Warfield chairing the Officer selection committee with Roy and Madeline.

Meeting adjourned.
Laura Young, Sec.

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