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September 2005 Barker
Minutes from the July Meeting — July 14, 2005



July 14, 2005

Present: Dee Carlson, Patty Hull, Reggie Gausman, Muriel Clifford, Verlynn and Julia Johns, Jan Leikam, Bo Gloster, Deb Lewy, Sue Lusa, Steve Lusa, Dick Beckworth

Changes to the minutes: NAIA has not taken an official position against
PAWS legislation. NAIA has expressed concerns about the legislation. Jan motions that the minutes be accepted as changed. Reggie seconds; passed.

President’s Report
Dee reports on the board meeting. Dee discussed the cluster meeting. We will look for a superintendent for the Jan 2007 show. Chris Lynden and Jan sent an RFQ to superintendents. All proposals are due October 1, so the October cluster meeting can review. We have a cluster agreement and will be requesting amendments. AKC now has guidelines for clusters.

Jan, Bo, and Dee met with Nora re: show site, discussion of grounds. Nora sent SAM a new contract.

Cirque du Soleil will be at Marymoor and this changes our fields.

The board voted to insure the directors and officers for $1 million. We also decided to rent canopies through Abby Rents for the summer show. We received a request from AKC for our membership list—we will provide names and addresses only (not e-mails or telephone numbers). The membership roster needs to be resubmitted to AKC every June.

Discussion of AKC Responsible Ownership Day in September. The board voted to ignore this as it is too close to our own August show.

No Secretary’s report. One letter from the Corgi Club.

Treasurer’s Report. Patty passed out the report.


August 05 – Jan reported that the Marymoor contract has been signed; we are still in process of writing a five-year contract. Fire marshal contract and Abby rents contracts have been signed.

Discussion of matches—working group, retrievers, etc. Discussion of reservation for hotel, and rings, dumpsters, and layout. Talk of renting an R.V. for the show. Verylynn volunteered her 40-foot RV to use for the whole show.
(Thanks, Verylynn!).Discussion of Judges’ hospitality and meals. Saturday evening is the judges’ dinner. Bo will get Patty a spreadsheet; we need 10 “choir boys” from Sue to help clean up the grounds.

January 06—Jan sent Muriel information from Rusty for judges’ hospitality. We will coordinate getting judges to the airport with the cluster.

August 2006—We have all obedience judges contracts back.

January 2007 –Meeting tomorrow night for committee. Jan and Julia will put on Sammamish B match for January show.

Bo received the AKC statement on PAWS. It should be put in the Barker. Dee indicates that we need to be more informed on this legislation before making a stand as a club. Discussion. Bo says we should let it play out and see where it goes. Consensus not to take action at this time and to monitor
the bill.

Strategic AKC Plan—AKC mission statement has changed. Discussion of competing registries and how AKC needs to market itself. “We are not just about champion dogs, we are dogs’ champions.”

Dee mentions that on the upper right-hand corner of the AKC web site there are instant surveys. We can also pick questions to survey.

Muriel discusses hats, etc. that could have the SAM logo; she needs to get a catalog.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:12 PM.

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