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September 2005 Barker
Minutes from the June Meeting — June 8, 2005



June 8, 2005

Present: Deb Lewy, Verlynn Johns, Julia Johns, Reggie Gausman, Muriel Clifford, Patty Hull, Jan Leikam, Dee Carlson, Laura Young, Bo Gloster

Dee called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

No minutes for the May meeting.

President’s Report.
Discussion of the transfer of Milo’s ownership to Dee. Marilyn Evans not doing well. What do we want to do w/ Milo? Therapy dog for someone else? Dee wants to keep him as long as it takes. Do we know anyone who could use a dog? Prefer a woman with a permanent, long-term issue such as panic attacks.

No report of the Board.

No Secretary’s Report.

Treasurer’s Report: Patty distributes the Report. Bo to give the Benevolence addresses to Patty for distribution of 05 benevolence.

January Show: Discussion of Specialty reconciliation.

August 05. Discussion of signage for performance and grooming areas. Pat will be out of town until Saturday evening. She is the specialty coordinator. Bo will take over next year. Next year will have a Terrier specialty. Bo and Jan will pitch in for specialties this year. Patty will do signage. Reggie did get SAM information in the Seattle Times and Journal two weeks ahead of the show.
Need to map canopies, Port-a- Potties, etc. Discussion of canopies. We can use Pat’s trailer for the show. Dee, Jan, and Bo to meet with Carl re: grounds.
Rusty: We need ring stewards for the August 05 show. Need obedience stewards…call or email Dee if you know someone. Bo needs the choir boys (need to contact Sue Lusa).

Julia – August show, fun match in 2006 w/ Girl Scouts. Discussion of who will be hired to pick up grounds & poop. We’ll pay $10/hour & donate to a cause.

Jan- she canceled insurance and has determined that we are covered on the golf carts.

Judge’s hospitality – informal dinner Sat. night at 6:30, Sam’s.

Muriel discusses hats and logos. Julia and Verlynn need shirts. Jan moves we leave the hats/shirts/ logo job to Muriel. Deb seconds; passed.

Patty – discussion of need for sandwich boards in group ring w/ our logo.

Bo: Delegate’s meeting Sunday and Monday, O’Hare airport.

Discussion of bill to regulate breeding of high-volume breeders. NAIA is against the legislation, clubs are against, and AKC board has come out in favor of this legislation. Bo will forward the strategic planning and presentation at the AKC meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.


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