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September 2005 Barker
Minutes from the May Meeting — May 11, 2005



Meeting called to order by president Dee Carlson at 7:35 PM. In attendance were: Dee Carlson, Rusty Kingery, Muriel Clifford, Bo Gloster, Reggie Gausman, Beverly Little, Jan Leikam, Vandra Huber

Minutes of the April 13th meeting were approved.

Report of the President:
Marilyn and Milo – Marilyn is fading quickly, but Milo at 3 years is doing very well. The Club needs to make plans for Milo as Marilyn continues to deteriorate. The contract between Sammamish Kennel Club and Milo’s breeder states that he will be returned to her when Marilyn is unable to care for him. The Club decided that the AKC registration should include Dee as co-owner/ owner so that there will be no problems with AKC. Also Dee was directed to explore options with the breeder that will allow Milo to be rehomed here.

There were no reports of the Secretary or Treasurer

Discussion of the AKC club survey sent to Club Officers, Dee Carlson and Rusty Kingery. Both ladies felt the survey was too broad and open ended taking too much time to complete. It was a very in-depth survey and Sammamish is interested in the results. Bo stated that the results of the Delegate survey on these same items will be presented at the June Delegate’s Meeting.

Benevolence: In addition to the normal donations, we are investigating oxygen masks for dogs/cats to be used in fire rescues and would be distributed to Fire Stations in our service area. Bo will report on these devices. We will duplicate the donations from last year and the ‘dog masks’ will additionally funded.

Discussion of the hiring of Chris Lyden to assist Bo on the Grounds committee this August on a trial basis. Jan apologized to Bo for not discussing this with him before finalizing this with Chris.

Bo presented a summary of the Parent Club Conference which was reprinted from the Scottish Deerhound bulletin “The Claymore” and also brought the
DVD distributed by AKC on the conference.

Dee reported that Chris Cornell of Arlington, a TDI evaluator, has offered to work with groups to certify TDI dogs. Dee volunteered to work with any member of Sammamish Kennel Club to pass this test.

Vandra announced that she is chairing an all-breed match for Sirius at Sand Point the weekend of June 18th & 19th – Father’s Day weekend.

Rusty announced a match for the Hound Club that weekend at Marymoor Park with the Puget Sound Borzoi Club and the Western WA Whippet Association having breed matches in conjunction.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20PM

Respectfully submitted, Jan Leikam


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