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Councilmember Kathy Lambert

September 2007 Barker


Her JUNE E-UPDATE - June 12, 2007This Month:

2. Animal Specialty Services Approved
In response to requests from my constituents, last month I sponsored a zoning code amendment to allow animal specialty services to operate in the unincorporated areas of King County. I am happy to report that this addition to King County's land-use laws was approved unanimously by the Council on May 29. As surprising as it may seem, King County previously did not allow businesses such as animal day care, boarding or grooming services to operate outside of cities. Many pet owners want more personal care for their pets than a traditional kennel can provide, and this amendment grants permits for these businesses in any commercial or industrial zone, and as a one-year-pilot program in residential zones under certain conditions. I would like to thank the many dedicated dog owners who called, wrote to me and testified in favor of this amendment, which turned out to be just as much about serving the needs of pet owners as about supporting King County's Rural Economic Strategies.

Editor’s Comment: Above is a 1 year trial for a zoning code variance that she spon-sored at King County Council. I believe she is a “friend at court”, should any prohibitive laws be proposed We as dog people should support her when she again comes up for re election

Her District is North East King County, which is the area that Sammamish Kennel Club serves. Show Chair, Bo Gloster took her around to the various Specialty Shows on the Grounds on Satur-day, explaining what was happening. After the tour he turned her over to me to take her over to the WWHA sponsored Agility Trial. There, Robin Cohen the Agility Secretary, explained what was happening on the field as the dogs ran through the obstacles on the Course. When we came back to the main Show grounds, I again turned her back to Bo at ringside for the Cascade Working Group’s final A March. She showed great interest in the Show and really enjoyed her experience with us.

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