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Feedback from August Show

September 2007 Barker


We Hear from our Special Events Clubs...

From the Doberman Club, Friday, August 24:

On behalf of the Cascade Doberman Pinscher Club I wanted to say thank you for allowing our club to host a match today, as you can see it was very successful for our club and well attended. I had the judges ask that people not throw bait in the ring so hopefully there will be no issues there.

We would love to participate next year as well so please keep us posted if you have space. Again, thank you!!

Cheers, Toshia

From the Seattle Humane Society:

Thank you so much for inviting the Seattle Humane Society to be a part of the Sammamish Kennel Club Dog Show. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and greatly appreciate the opportunity you provided us. We want to ex-press our gratitude and acknowledge those involved who worked so hard to make the event a success.

The event was very successful for us - we had the opportunity to meet many new people and share information about our organization. On behalf of the thousands of animals we save each year, thank you again.

Sincerely, Fran

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