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September 2007 Barker


27 August 2007

There is a song by some one whose name I can not remember, as usual, that speaks of the ―green, green grass of home‖. While the grass at my home is not particularly green at the moment, the grass at King County Marymoor Park was very green, green for our All Breed Show and Obedience and Rally Trials on Sunday, 26 August. Thank you Marymoor Park Maintenance Department! I am not one to often praise grass and fields, but they sure did a fantastic job of providing us with a beautiful field on which to set up our Show. And all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday our exhibitors made it a point to stop and tell me how much they appreciated that lovely green grass.

From everything that I have heard from exhibitors, the Show this year was more ―fun‖ than it has been in past years. I think that there were several factors that went in to making it ―fun‖ for all of us. The weather held and it did not rain (thank you ―Rain stay away dancers!‖). Cool and gray with sun breaks is good for a dog show in August; people and dogs do not enjoy being baked on an open field. We had a lot more open space for setups and ease of movement around the grounds. We had more shade canopies (thank you, Jan!) than we have had in the past. We had a large, designated grooming area in which people could run generators. Early in the afternoon, we setup an Ice Cream Social to honor our Juniors and opened it to anyone that would like to join us. About the same time as the Ice Cream Social, we gave away 900 pop-sicles and fudge bars to every one on the Show and Agility Trial grounds. This caught all by surprise and brought many smiles. The children on the grounds loved the popsicles! Parking, loading and unloading went much smoother than in the past (thank you Chris Lyden and crew!). People carrying cell phones made communications much faster and easier. And we had a wonderful group of teens who worked with us for four solid days setting up and tearing down the grounds, collecting garbage, ferrying people to and from the parking lots, poop-scooping and doing every thing else that they were asked to do (some of which was not too much ―fun‖!). I am glad that this show is wrapped up in four days. Five days of ―fun‖ would have been more than I could handle. I was exhausted by 8 PM Sunday evening.

As I have said in the past: WE make a great team. WE put on a great show. THANK YOU to every one who assisted in any way to make this Show a success!

Dee Carlson
President – Sammamish Kennel Club

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