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September 2009 Barker


Heartiest congratulations and sincere appreciation to all members of the Sammamish Kennel Club. Our 34th summer dog show was a rousing success, as were the Specialties preceding it. I heard nothing but praise all weekend, and many communications subsequently have continued the compliments. Some are printed in this edition of the Barker. We indeed lucked out with great weather, and the grass never looked better. But everything else was our doing! There seemed ample space for all exhibitors, the shade canopies were numerous and widespread, and the good mood seemed very infectious.

I would particularly like to thank the members of the Show Committee. Barbara O’Neill, in addition to providing emergency stewardship, was my right hand woman, and we are fortunate to have her in our Club, and I am honored to have her as a friend. Jan coordinated the Specialties, and I don’t know when these Clubs seemed happier. Also she controlled the purse strings with mastery. Dee wore so many hats as to be unrecognizable at times, but all her roles were flawlessly executed: judges’ hospitality, obedience and rally, banquet. Should I go on? Yes, never had we received such high marks from the fire Marshall on our layout, and particularly the demarcation of the fire lanes. Kudos to her. Julia’s trophies were lovely, and having presented the BIS trophy to the Puli, I now understand the meaning of heavyweight crystal. The vendor area was meticulously laid out, and indeed sales were brisk from what I was told: thanks, Patty (and Nolan and Don). Cliff patrolled the grounds, with Dave Kingery, with an eagle eye and seemed to handle the myriad of (minor ) problems with aplomb and delicacy: good practice for next year! And a special note here to Cliff, Jan, and Dee for their extra time laying out the master plan. Beverly handled the announcing role, a job even more successful this year with the new group ring location. Thanks.

Rusty….ah, yes Rusty…the Tolkien figure (Lord of the Rings). What a great group of stewards. The judges were delighted with the competence and conviviality of Nancy, Verlynn, Sandee, Doug, Tonya, Michelle, Geri, Laura, as well as the non-Club members so skillfully recruited. Plus Rusty offers up her entire family: her husband, her son, her daughter, her granddaughter. You gotta love THAT breeding program! Her daughter Barbara, is a catering God-send, organizing the lunches for all the Judges, workers, members, and of course the ringside “orders to go” Special thanks to her.

Special thanks to Dave J. for situating the motorhome, repeated thanks to Nancy for orchestrating the conflict free luncheons ( a novel concept), and an appreciative nod to Doug for kicking off the day with his dulcet baritone anthems. But I now have a new superhero: balance the band members with Randy for setup and teardown, and the process is swift and steady. Randy: new club rock. And Ken Carlson is always reliable and determined, whether chauffeuring, organizing, closing it all down, etc., etc.

We had one Event Committee hearing, always a bit stressful, but it went smoothly, and reports were submitted to AKC in timely fashion: special thanks to Dee and Beverly for this effort. I assume I may have missed a Volunteer or two here. Sorry. But we welcome all letters to the editor, and of course Barb O’Neill’s job description includes the handling of all complaints. So my best to all of you, and very hearty congratulations. You should all be very proud of this accomplish-ment.

Respectfully submitted,
Bo Gloster
Show Chairman

Correspondence Received

A special thank you to Tonya, Dee and Geri for ring stewarding in the Obedience rings at our Sunday, 23 August, Obedience Trial. Dee and Tonya always do a great job of keeping a ring running smoothly and are a pleasure to work with. Geri turned steward-ing into a family outing by bringing her sister and her parents. I offered to pay them for the time they spent in the ring (SamKC always pays non-members as a token of our appreciation for their services), but they declined my offer saying that they had a wonderful time stewarding and simply enjoyed spending the time with us and their daughter, Geri. Geri, please extend our appreciation and thanks to your parents and your sister, one more time. I was more than happy to have the whole family stewarding for that lucky obedience judge. Obedience had the best attended rings on the grounds!

Thank you very much!
Dee Carlson

Barb was also a recipient of their unsolicited help. Sisters MaryAnn and Julie jumped in and “manned” the BBQ and turned out hamburgers for the Judge’s lunch. A most welcome and appreciated chore, releasing Barb to take care of other pressing chores. Geri, please thank the ladies, from the Hospitality Committee and all who benefitted from the well cooked burgers. [editor]

Thanks for a terrific weekend. Please convey my thoughts to the members of the Working Dog Club and Sammamish. It is so nice to be at a venue where the people are genuinely pleasant and thought-ful. Most clubs make an effort...not all of them are nearly as successful as you are.Let's do this again sometime.

Bill Stebbins

Bo, Thanks for including me on the Sammamish panel. I enjoyed the assignment as well as the hospitality. Spent the following week in WA, BC and Oregon. Weather was perfect. However, as just a reminder, it was drizzling the morning I flew out. Back to unbearable heat in the San Diego area.

Dave Merriam

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