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September 2014 Barker


The Show is over. We are leaving Marymoor after over 13 years. Was very sad saying goodbye to Norah, Christy, Andy and Anne. They have been wonderful to work with all these years. But we launch ourselves on a new endeavor with the acreage at Cascade Air Park. There are many challenges we will face as we prepare the grounds for our Summer Show. Try to keep our Specialty Clubs that have been with us at Marymoor and entice new Clubs to join with us. We will need every one to pull together to make this all work Susan Plouff will be heading the Show as Chair.

In the meantime, we held a great Goodbye to Marymoor Show. We coped with the Marriot, and got our Judges situated at the Silver Cloud hotels, who Barb brought to our rescue at the last minute. Other than that the Show ran very smoothly, thank you Bo, your final and best, Bryan , the grounds Master, Sandee, Head Steward, and all the members who pitched in and did the Stewarding, Ellen who sold the catalogs, and Susan who paid the bills. Barbara, who put together a fabulous lunch. We passed the Fire Marshall inspection with flying colors , with our liaison to the Marshall, Brian Kingery patrolling the grounds to make sure everyone with canopies were in compliance with the Fire Marshall’s rules.

My Friday and Saturday Specialty Shows had no problems, and everyone looked as if they were hav-ing a good time. Thank you Nancy for making our workers a great lunch both days, with Jackie as her “gal Friday” on both days. Weather was beautiful.

As I was writing this, I stopped and checked the meeting dates for the last 3 month of the year. After checking and double checking and still it didn’t come out right, I called Kirkland to make sure but it was as I saw, the wrong dates saved for Sept and Oct, but Teri could move us back in Nov. I have sent this message to all in the Club. My apologies to you all. I hope you can arrange your schedules to the postponement until the 2nd Thursday for 2 months. Below message sent out to the group 9/4 /14 at 9:45 AM

Our September Meeting night is changed to the 2nd Thursday, which is September 11. October will also be on the 2nd Thursday, the 9th.

I was looking at the wrong calendar, evidently, when I made the reservations. As I checked the date for this month as I was doing the Barker, I realized that I was one day off the 2nd Wednesday date and onto THURSDAY I called Kirkland this AM and found that the Fire Station had of course been booked for Wednesday in the meantime. For October as well. So we will set up for the 9th of October, November is good for the 2nd Wednesday, the 12th. I'm really embarrassed, I hope that you all can make it on a Thursday evening.

FORTUNATELY, The Sea Hawk's Thursday, opening the season is tonight!!!! not next week. So do not go to the Station next Wednesday. Meeting is THURSDAY 7pm FOR BOARD AND 7:30 pm FOR THE GENERAL MEETING. Sorry, hope this works for you. We have a lot to talk about.

President’s Report September

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