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Show Report

October 2015 Barker


August 23, 2015 All-Breed show

We had a great show with many, many compliments on the site. This was hard work, but we accomplished so much and will have a great future here.
I must thank our membership for all their assistance. For their Day of Show Hospitality, Nancy Warfield and cohort Muriel Clifford. Particularly, as Muriel is not a member currently, but wanted to help in any way she could.

Patty Anderson was in charge of flowers and provided those amazing wax begonias for the group ring and the marigolds (in the Sammamish yellow) that looked great on each judges table on our blue tablecloths. She has such good taste!

President Rusty kept the Specialty Clubs in line and happy - that's a big job. And helped in so many ways on Sunday, the day of our show.

Geri Orta was so needed as our Obedience/Rally Chair since I have no idea about that portion of our activities. Every year we miss Dee more, but Geri has stepped into the gap and our Obedience is in good hands.

Sandee Isaacson wrangled our ring stewards and helped set up a surprise for Judge Pat Hastings whose brother Peter Dell made an unexpected trip to steward for her. Other members gave generously of their time to steward: Bo Gloster, Patty Anderson, Barbara O'Neill, Nancy Warfield and Laura Young. Martin Warfield was absent to fix his daughter's plumbing and we all know how important plumbing is!

Jackie & Paul Blumenstetter sold catalogues which I had totally forgotten about. Thanks so much guys.

And of course Madeleine and Roy did so much to make this a good show from Vendor Chair to the Parking Nazi! You were great and tireless.

The real hero of this year's show was Don Joseph who worked all year on the grounds and helped so much all weekend.

So to wrap it up, Thanks to everyone of you.

Onward to 2016 and beyond - all indications are full speed ahead!


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