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Show Thank You's

October 2015 Barker


From the Judges

Hi Jan, This was the best show! Had a great time........everything was the way a show should be run. You and your committee did a wonderful job. Even my exhibitors (with only one exception) were pleasant and polite. The judges got along as a fun group. Since I am not a fan of heat, I really do appreciate your gift of the cool collars. It will be a well used gift. Thank you so much for having us at your show. Jackie & Ken Rayner

Hello Jan, I hope you have recovered from the huge weekend. I so want to thank everyone involved in making my assignment and needs flow so smoothly. It was my pleasure to serve you in this adventure and I think your new show site was wonderful and has huge potential for the future. My best to all.
Pam Furness [Rally Judge]

From Exhibitors and Vendors

I wanted to thank Jan Leikam and the Sammamish Kennel Club for supporting the Puget Sound Herding Group Association this weekend by allowing us to hold a fun match and CGC testing at your new, lovely show site! We really appreciate your club! - Anna Pearson

I agree. The site is in Snohomish on a large groomed field along the river. Well planned, well executed and tons of potential - I would love to see a whippet supported en-try and picnic on site next to our ring.. It would be so fun - Jeanette Dorsey

I totally agree, having been to the first Brush Prairie shows decades ago, this new site could be the answer we have all been waiting for. The one way road is challenging but very worked well. - Sally Smyth

This will be short but not because it's unimportant. Sammamish Kennel Clubs new venue is the best show ground I have been to some they lost the Brush Prairie site. show ground I have been to some they lost the Brush Prairie site. Just a dog family in the middle of nowhere. Can't get better than that. Beautiful grounds will only improve with the com-ing years. Good job to all involved. - Helen Brettell

Hi Jan, I participated at the show yesterday (Irish Water Spaniel owner) and wanted to congratulate and thank you and the club for putting on such a great event. Shows are always a lot of work, and moreso when it is at a new site. The on-site staff were very friendly and helpful, and the golf carts for transportation were a nice touch. Best regards, Bill Ellis

"WOW, the new dog show site secured by Sammamish Kennel Club is wonderful! Easy access from I-5 with a few quick turns on rural road to arrive at Cascade Family Airpark in Snohomish, WA. Entry at 10 mph via smooth gravel road with a bit of dust but NO potholes whatsoever and sides trimmed clear to permit 2-way traffic at all but 2 well-marked single vehicle sections (traffic controlled via radio). The road is flanked by corn fields on the south and the French River on north and framed by an overhead railway bridge. Trains passedat intervals which were an excellent guage for sound temperament of any breed at any age. Young puppies (notably LOTS of Am Staffies, Eng and Irish Setters, Whippies and wee borzoi) on site startled at the noise then curiously and boldly investigated for its source. The goal is to breed for physically and mentally sound show dogs! Staff directed vehicles up a slight incline and on the horizon loomed the realization of dog show heaven! An expensive completely FLAT field, which is the flood plain adjacent to French Creek. Due to its underground water table, the field's surface was lushly green and the footing of each huge ring was LEVEL with manicured grass - every handler's vision of paradise. Praise to Don Joseph for his meticulous site preparation!" - Katie McCormick

“Credit due to hard work! It is perfect show site and never have I shown on more level ground, just like a golf green. It is evident that you enjoy the manual labour of preparation,, and your enthusiasm made everyone around that much happier to be there.”
Many thanks to the Sammamish KC on last weekend's show and we are looking forward to the continued improvement of the new show site for years to come. I heard very few nega-tive comments and many will be easily fixed by the 2016 show. We were happy with the re-sults and believe things will only get better next year! - The 3-C's Dog Supply

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