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AKC Delegate Report

September 2004 Barker


Report of the AKC Delegate
Annual Meeting, March 8, 2004
New York City, New York

It is my intent to more promptly report back to the Sammamish Kennel Club in the future, so please indulge me for the tardiness in this report. The Annual Meeting was held in New York City, busy and blustery at this time of year. The main issues are as follows:

  • Three vacancies (Class of 2008) to the Board of Directors were filled with the incumbents: Dr. Thomas Davies (Springfield Kennel Club), Walter Goodman (Skye Terrier Club of America), and Ronald Menaker (Des Moines Obedience Training Club). A spirited challenge was offered by Charles J. Foley (Eastern Dog Club), who had been nominated by a required number of delegates.
  • New delegates were introduced. I had the pleasure of being introduced by John Ronald, representing the Samoyed Club of America.
  • New Member Clubs were approved.
  • The annual financial report suggests that the AKC is in better shape than it was in the past few years. Much of this turnaround seems credited to profits from the CAR (Companion Animal Recovery) Program. Net assets increased by $3,700,000 in 2003.
  • An amendment allowing for a one-time change in the AKC registered name of a dog, with certain conditions (the dog could never have sired or produced an AKC registered litter, nor received an award at an AKC licensed event) was approved. The breeder consent in writing is necessary, however, before a name change is authorized.
  • The nomination of Ms. Deborah Lynch to represent the Mahoning-Shenango Kennel Club was rejected by the House of Delegates. The issue pivoted around a legal suit filed by her against the Canine Health Foundation. Lots of sparks on this one!
  • You are all familiar with the awarding of a 3-point major to the RWD and RWB at a National Specialty of the Parent Club, conditional on the number of entries at least equal to the number for a 5-point major. The Board has rejected this proposal of the Parent Club Committee, and is to be voted on in Nashville next week, demanding a 2/3 vote for passage. I
    will be in support of this, as per discussions at our Club meeting and club member input. This has generated much discussion, on a daily basis on the delegate list.
  • Several other issues concerned miscellaneous class, handlers in field trials, and the holding of dog exhibitions not in accordance with the rules of the AKC. These topics, particularly the first two, are relatively esoteric in their impact, but I have the minutes on these discussions, and would be pleased to share them or speak to them with any who are interested.

Respectfully submitted,
Bo Gloster

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