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September 2004 Barker
Minutes from the Last Meetings—June 9 & July 14, 2004



Wednesday June. 9,2004

We met at Marymoor Park at one of the covered sites that has a grill for BBQing. Attending were: Dee Carlson, Ken Carlson, Jan Leikam, Patty Hull, Karin Cartwright, Reggie Gausman, Muriel Clifford, Sue Lusa, Rusty Kingery and guest David Kingery.

Kudos to the cooks, Jan and Patty who did a great job on the hamburgers, and the dishes brought by the members that were there for the pot luck were all very tasty. After stuffing ourselves on the food, Dee called the meeting to order at 8:13 PM.

It was moved, 2nd and passed to accept the minutes as printed in the May/June Barker. The Treasurer’s Report was also approved.

Pres/Board report: Dee passed out a copy of the show site diagram and a copy of the Rules & Regulations of Marymoor for the show. 3C's will be able to drive in and park on the perimeter of the show grounds. Other than that, there will be no driving on the show grounds with the exception of the set up and tear down crews.

The Web site at this time is up and running on its old location. There have been no bills for the site, and we don't know who to pay. However, Justin Wilaby who is taking over our Web page will set up a new site for us . He will do all maintenance and update as needed. Dee will set up a 5 year contract with him setting a fee for being Web master.


Aug. Premium list not quite ready for print yet but should be ready by the end of the week when the Agility is finalized. The B Match is authorized, iVenders will be notified this coming

Jan Show: Money and apps are ready to send in.

Jan 06 Judges Committee should get together to work on selection. Committee members are Jan, Karin, Vandra and Pat as chairs. Jan reported we had 1 more bill from the Jan. '04 Show. $300 to Bob Percivil for Cluster President Fee for which we have never received a bill.

The recommendations from the Benevolence Committee for spending this year are: Pet Partners--$300.00, JEAW--$150.00, Delta Society--$300.00, Purebred Dog Rescue-- $300.00, WSU--$1500.00, AKC Canine Health--$500.00 [originally set for $250.00 but Dee suggested we raise it to $500.00. With no objections the $500.00 was accepted by consensus ] Of the $500.00, 50% earmarked for cancer research and 50 percent for epilepsy. Search and Rescue--$250.00 For that the recommendation was for the NW Disaster Search Dogs as they are a 501 {c} corp. For a total of $3300.00. It was moved and 2nd [Rusty & Reggie] and approved that the donations be made.

Reggie reported publicity was sent to the Seattle Times Summer Guide for the August Show. Dee will send Reggie, Martha Norwalk's address so that it can be announced on her radio show. Information contact for the public will be on the Web site as soon as it is up and
running in its new home.

Jan received a request to join the club from a lady from Lake Stevens who owns Shelties. She will forward info to Nancy Warfield, who is membership chair.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM for a program by Dee Carlson on the Aggressive Dog.

--Submitted by Rusty Kingery sub Sec.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Members present: Bo Gloster, Patty Hull, Pat Wilaby, Deb Lewy, Jan Leikam, Rusty Kingery, Dee Carlson, Doug Haldeman, Michael Krolewsky, Reggie Gausman, Muriel Clifford.

Dee called the meeting to order at 7:45 PM.

Jan moves that we move directly to committee reports. Rusty seconds. Passed.

Sammamish Kennel Club Show: Discussion of bookmarks inside catalogs again. Members are in favor.

Sunshine Committee: Sandy Isaacson is ill and Jan will send a card. Bo moves that Jan sends flowers to Sandy. Rusty seconds. Michael notes that Vandra will have surgery in August.

Web Site: Web site is up. Send suggestions to Dee.

Brochure: We need to print 500 copies for the show. Deb will send Patty a pdf file.

AKC Delegate: Bo discusses the AKC’s idea of putting AKC-registered litters for sale on the
AKC Web site.

AKC Show Entry discussion. AKC wants to enable show entries through their Web site. Positive: when clubs negotiate with show superintendents, they negotiate online charges. Why isn’t AKC in the market? Negative: Marketing/ liability/conflict of interest. Bo suggests that we circulate information on this to members as it is still in negotiation with AKC.

New Business:

Updated trial manual for AKC, who to contact? Bo will check.

Bo discusses the judging panel for 2005. He notes that we are short a herding judge for the
2004 August show; discussion of who to hire for the position.

Show adjourned for a program by Bo Gloster and Doug Haldeman on their beautiful Samoyeds.

Thanks, Bo and Doug!

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